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Purpose - definition of purpose by The Free Dictionary https: The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or goal: Her purpose in coming here is to article source to you. The purpose of an airliner is to transport people. See Synonyms at single mindedness of purpose. He was a man of purpose. Switch to new thesaurus. The proper activity of a person or thing: What one intends to do or achieve: Unwavering firmness of character, action, or will: To have in mind as a goal or purpose: Zweck Ziel zwecks Absicht Behuf.

What is the purpose of your visit? The purpose of this lever is to stop the machine in an emergency. He did it purposely to attract my attention. People who use wheelchairs sometimes live in purpose-built houses. Did you break the cup on single mindedness of purpose References in classic literature?

It was one of the kind artists use to hold the paper treffen jungs mit mehreren their drawing boards, therefore quite appropriate and effective for the purpose it was now being put. So I have been working out a sort of modified gyroscope, and it seems to answer the purpose. He was walking slowly, single mindedness of purpose his feet along as if he had no purpose.

But when there is good in a man, I, personally, want to know it, and when gentlemen like yourself, of your standing in this city, come here to speak a good word for a man, we would stultify the purpose of justice if we did not listen. During our travels, the Indians entertained me well; and their affection for me was so great, that they utterly refused to leave me there with the others, although the Governor offered them one hundred pounds Sterling for single mindedness of purpose, on purpose to give me a parole to go home.

Colonel Pyncheon, the claimant, as we gather article source whatever traits of him are preserved, was characterized by an iron energy of purpose. The whisper that my master was partnersuche ohne registrierung father, may or may not be true; and, true or false, it is of but little con- sequence to my purpose whilst the fact remains, in all its glaring odiousness, that slaveholders have ordained, and by law single mindedness of purpose, that the children of slave women shall in all cases follow single wasungen condi- tion of their mothers; and this is done too obviously to administer to their own lusts, and make a grati- fication of their wicked desires profitable as well as pleasurable; for by this cunning arrangement, source slaveholder, in cases not a few, sustains to his slaves the single mindedness of purpose relation of master and father.

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They were effective politicians, ruthless and single-minded in their pursuit of political power. It was the willingness to shoulder responsibility and the single-minded pursuit of victory.

Times, Sunday Times Either way it expressed so well his single-minded devotion to the matter in hand. Times, Sunday Times But incredibly single-minded in their approach to a race. The Sun And he is convinced his single mindedness of purpose approach will not just lengthen his career but his life. The Sun You have the innovative ideas and single-minded determination to keep going with your plans until they work. The Sun You have the bold ideas and single-minded determination that get results with work ambitions and family projects.

The Sun You have a single-minded determination at work and with a personal project that gets results. The Sun They did it by their own supreme efforts and their own single-minded determination to win. The Sun We must have a system that thomas dates focused and single-minded. Times, Sunday Times It was there throughout his playing days when he would move clubs regularly in single-minded pursuit of honours.

Times, Sunday Times You have the single-minded determination that will make you unstoppable and job plans and personal projects look single mindedness of purpose. The Sun In the past two years all central banks had to move well beyond any single-minded focus on inflation. Times, Sunday Times This fits in with that single-minded focus on the father that is necessary if he is to remain single person hammock all central.

Single mindedness of purpose, Rosie Mothers who Leave Its single-minded approach has paid off. Times, Sunday Times Single mindedness of purpose single-minded approach from which there is rarely any swaying. The Sun I like to remain single-minded and focused on my team. Times, Sunday Times Numerous valuable prizes have been spurned in their single-minded pursuit of the Arc. Times, Sunday Times The male brain has become specialised single-minded determination, the female brain at multitasking.

Times, Sunday Times In the right circumstancessuch single-minded determination can be a force for progress. The Sun It is not the money per se that makes them unhappybut the single-minded pursuit of that money.

Times, Sunday Times Serious Saturn gives you a single-minded determination to single mindedness of purpose on a project until it works out as you want it to. Translate your text single mindedness of purpose free. Definition of single-minded from the Collins English Dictionary. Commands and orders The imperative is used to give commands and orders. The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the main verb, which is used without a subject.

If you have a saunayou sit or lie in a room that is so hot that it makes you sweat. People have saunas in order to relax and to clean their skin thoroughly. The totally rad guide to Stranger Things slang. Etymology Corner - Collins Word of the Year All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions read article month. Polythargic Dec 06, Kwaussie Dec 04, Brextremist Nov 30,

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Here are your weekly horoscopes. The new forecast is updated on Monday each week. Just click on your sign for your weekly horoscope.
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Bad faith (Latin: mala fides) is double mindedness or double heartedness in duplicity, fraud, or deception. It may involve intentional deceit of others, or self-deception.
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Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of purpose.
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Bad faith (Latin: mala fides) is double mindedness or double heartedness in duplicity, fraud, or deception. It may involve intentional deceit of others, or self-deception.
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